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Girl Exercise - North Coast Group Training in Sawtell NSW 2452, Australia

Nicola Taylor created Girlfit in September, 2009. With more than 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, Nicola established Girlfit with the aim to empower women, and help them start their day feeling fit and healthy with other inspiring ladies.

Nicola is extremely proud to be the pioneer of women’s fitness on the North Coast. At Girlfit, we employ a team of 9 personal trainers. Nicola leads the group at Sawtell 3 mornings a week, while also being involved with her sister business, Skinfit. All of our trainers are hands-on, designing every workout and class with 100% dedication and expertise.

Nicola works endlessly so women can walk away from every workout feeling on top of the world.


Emma Smith

Nicola works endlessly so women can walk away from every workout feeling on top of the world.

love Girlfit [GF] for everything it has brought to my life over the last 18 months; new friends, early morning laughs, sweat and a healthier lifestyle. When I first started GF, I couldn’t do a situp or push-up. I was in awe of the ladies running around me, and I still am. My little boy (aged 2) calls Nic ‘the push-up lady’. He screams it out every time we drive past Nic’s house. My 4- year-old plays ‘Girlfit’ with her friends and makes up circuits around the house, which includes jumping on the beds, rolling on the floor, push-ups and burpees. Girlfit has had a domino effectin my family. My kids, husband and I have all benefited from being a part of Girlfit. Thank you!

Brony Bynge

During the last two-and-a-half years, Girlfit has become a regular and constant part of my life. I love how it has helped me to be a fitter and stronger person, which in turn, has had a positive impact across all areas of my life. I also love the camaraderie of being with a group of inspirational, supportive and like-minded women of all ages and walks of life. I now can’t imagine my life without Girlfit—even when it comes to those freezing cold winter mornings!

Cindy Byron

So here I was thinking I had an average fitness level and had 8 weeks to get my act together before going snow skiing in the South of France. I was very hesitant about joining because:

a) I’m too old (turning 50 this year).

b) I’m not fit enough (these girls are seriously fit).

c) I don’t know anybody and will feel left out.

d) I can’t get out of bed to train at 6:00am.

e) Working full-time, I can’t make the afternoon sessions.

f) I don’t think I can do it.



Okay, well, here’s what happened when I first started:
I couldn’t run the distance between Sawtell Surf Club and the end of the beach. I was limping (due to very sore legs) for 3 days. I was sweating like I’d been sitting in a sauna for 3 hours. I was exhausted after the first hour and thought that’s it, I’m never going to make it.


And then, it all changed. Very slowly of course, but here’s what happened:

Total encouragement from every single woman in the group—you can do it, keep it up! Oh, and I’m not the oldest and get told how well I’m doing. I’m starting to see muscles that were hidden away by idleness. I can run the length of the beach, even though I must admit to being totally out of breath when I get to the end. I can actually do push-ups now (only a few on the toes but more on the knees). I can box—pretty funny coming from someone who’d never even held a boxing glove, much less tried hitting into someone else holding a pad. I can skip! Yes, the last time I’d used a skipping rope was some time in the 1970s. I did my first Gladiator in March and wasn’t last but was in the bottom 10. My goal is to do August Gladiator and be in the middle of the pack.


Then there’s the social aspect. We go out for drinks, dinner and special events, not to mention the retreat where I got to know my training buddies a bit better—over a few jelly shots and bottles of wine that is. We laugh and I have built a huge amount of respect for the other Girlfitters. Also, I met some other amazing women from Woopi, Sapphie and Coffs who don’t mind a bit of a shindig either. I’m still trying to catch up with those young chicks—maybe I’ll catch them next year.


So if you think you’d like to give it a shot I cannot recommend this form of training more. Then there’s also a whale watch season starting. What better way to start your morning than striving for fitness while keeping an eye on the ocean just in case there’s something out there watching back.

Julie Vandermatt

I love all the Sapphire girls. I’ve only been living in Coffs just over 3 months, and these Girlfit women have been really friendly and welcoming to me. I loved Gladiator, and that our own Leanne wom. I absolutely love Sapphire Beach, where I live. You cannot beat exercising onthe beach, watching the sun rise and the waves crash. Oh, and Lee is also a good boy because he has coffee with us on Saturdays. Although sometimes I hate what he makes us do and how it hurts the next day. But I get such energy those sessions. I could go on but that will do for now.

Paula Battye

Love how Girlfit makes me a better person and also has helped me be more confident. Also love the motivated trainers J

Kim Rogister

I was just saying to my husband yesterday how much Girlfit is a part of my life and how I believe that Girlfit kept me sane and positive after our baby was born. Having that time for ‘just me’ to box and get out any stresses of being a new mum—I DO love my beautiful baby lol. I love that Girlfit exercises not only my body, although also my mind. I love the motivation from my fellow Girlfitters and the trainers. I wouldn’t train as hard if I didn’t have all the wonderful women I am so honoured to train with J

Kate Golding

I’ve loved Girlfit since its humble beginnings when there were about 7 of us running along a beach on a beautiful Saturday morning. Who knew it would grow to change so many lives in such a short time. I love the laughter, fun determination and sense of achievement I see in the faces of all the great ladies. All ages from all walks of life I meet there. I just bloody love it!

Nicola Taylor—Director

The dark mornings, the cold and wet mornings, you still come. I love the girly discussions, the laughter and most of all, starting and ending my day with inspirational ladies of all different itness levels, shapes and sizes J You ladies really make my day!


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Please do not think you have to be fit to join Girlfit. You have to start somewhere. Every one of our training sessions is suitable for any ability or fitness level. We have women of all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels attend our classes. We have very inspiring personal trainers who will encourage and push you to your own personal limit. It’s our job to get the most out of you at each and every training session. We will get you fit and KEEP you fit. That’s our promise to you.

Boxing sessions include a mix of boxing and kickboxing, with lunges, tricep dips, burpees (everyone’s favourite), squats, planks, push-ups, stair climbing and running in between. As our motto goes, ‘the possibilities are endless’ with all of our workout combinations.

In a circuit session, we focus on bodyweight exercises, weight training, cardio intervals, hurdles, speed ladders and using resistance bands. We will also work on your flexibility and motor skills.

Our bodies continue to burn calories at a higher rate when doing high intensity interval training (HIIT). We focus on 2 minutes of strength and power, then 1 minute of cardio. You will burn lots of calories and continue to burn lots more for up to an hour after your Girlfit session.

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